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Specialists In Precision Engineering

The story of Mach4 began 35 years ago as a leading UK specialist precision engineering company in the instrumentation and clock making industry. Today, Mach4 are widely recognised as specialist designers, engineers, solution providers and consultants in every aspect of scientific instrument design and manufacture for microscopy applications (scientific) – for precision measurement stages (testing) – for airport landing light setting devices (aerospace) – in vitro fertilisation stages (processing) – many systems relevant to genetic research – and for many other industrial, mechanical, electrical, medical and scientific applications.


Mach4 combined team experience, skills and know-how totals over 150 years.

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Experienced management, consultation and planning throughout each project.

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Mach4 repeatedly deliver cost effective design innovation and cost effective solutions.

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Clever design solutions brings benefits, savings and value to projects.

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Mach4 precision engineering is renowned across numerous industry sectors.

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A history of 35 years in precision engineering for instruments and clocks.

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Mach4 reliably delivers on design, manufacture with a state of the art productive control system

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Depend on Mach4 design, solutions, manufacture, engineering and delivery.

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Because we believe a company is only as good as the people that work for it.


Our Credentials Document

Energy Technology & Control Limited says…  

We have worked with Mach 4  Engineering for over twenty years. Mach 4  have consistently shown themselves to be resourceful and helpful, in not just supplying our Manufacturing and Production Requirements, but also with many of the Research & Development Projects we have undertaken over the last twenty years. Mach 4 Engineering have been of great assistance in suggesting design improvements to products and offering ways to save time and money in the manufacturing processes of our mechanical precision machined parts…

J. Newton-Turner, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Manager